Thursday, 23 August 2007

Get ready to dig deep

So, today's good news is that 75% of people - or at least readers of Lonely Planet guides - now say they are prepared to pay to offset the emissions from their flying - a huge leap from last year's figure of only 31%. Good news, because the results suggest a growing number of travellers are aware of their environmental impact and want to do something about it, even if off-setting remains a poor fix.

The bad news is that travellers who realise they can slash their carbon emissions by switching to train travel face a horribly steep price differential. A trip from London to Rome, for example, burns up an additional £150 or, put another way, costs almost three times as much by train. Many of the people taking frequent trips to the continent will be able to afford to pay. But that's pretty big disincentive to do the right thing.

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